Links (and podcasts) I liked

1. A collection of thoughts on company policies for mitigating gender/institutional biases and encouraging diversity in hiring, workforce and HR practices –

2. Annnnd Google finds that the key to good teamwork is… *gasp* being nice!

Google’s data-driven approach ended up highlighting what leaders in the business world have known for a while; the best teams respect one another’s emotions and are mindful that all members should contribute to the conversation equally. It has less to do with who is in a team, and more with how a team’s members interact with one another.[…]At the heart of Sakaguchi’s strategy, and Google’s findings, is the concept of “psychological safety,” a model of teamwork in which members have a shared belief that it is safe to take risks and share a range of ideas without the fear of being humiliated. “

3. CV of failures – A behavioral economics assistant prof at Princeton (founder of Busara, co-author of paper looking at the impacts of UCTs from the GiveDirectly experiment) says:

“Most of what I try fails, but these failures are often invisible, while the successes are visible. I have noticed that this sometimes gives others the impression that most things work out for me. As a result, they are more likely to attribute their own failures to themselves, rather than the fact that the world is stochastic, applications are crapshoots, and selection committees and referees have bad days. This CV of Failures is an attempt to balance the record and provide some perspective.”

4. When did it become okay in the U.S. to delve into the personal lives of politicians?: “I don’t have to answer that” on Radiolab

5. “When waiting for the data is a death sentence”, Ankita Rao, Medium

For some really interesting investigative journalism on the reporting of malaria deaths in India, also see: “Revealed: The malaria crisis India doesn’t want to see”, Vivek Nemana and Ankita Rao

6. “Beyond tolerance” – TED Radio Hour


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